[Kde-imaging] DateTime in exif and ther signification

Stéphane Pontier shadow.w at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 15:25:39 CET 2007


I was wandering about the different Exif time and their use:
I took some pictures during a trip in germany and back at home, I
created a panorama from a set of pictures. Now I wander how to fill
correctly the Exif (or IPTC) tag:
the digitization datetime is set to the the time I've taken the set of
pictures (aproximatly),
I set the creation datetime to the datetime I created the panarama
(about 1month later)
Is it correct or not?
and what about the Original datetime?

The problem is that when I fetch the date with
Exiv2Iface::getImageDateTime it return first the standard Exif date
time entry (which I think correspond to the creation date). and when I
export the set of pictures and the panorama to a kml file and see it
with google earth, this one show me on the timeline that the panorama
was taken one month later than the set of picture.

Did I misinterpreted the Exif datedime signification or do I have to
try to fetch the digitization datetime directly?

As I speak of this, I just thought that there will be a inverse
problem with scanned picture where I want to put in the kml file the
date the picture was taken, not the datetime I scanned the picture
(which I think is digitization datetime).

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