[Kde-imaging] New snapshot of ImageGallery2

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Tue Feb 28 09:12:52 CET 2006

> > ehm i did it for you and attached the patches :). I followed 
> > kameraclient way, but i believe it should stop if libxslt
> > is not installed instead avoid compiling the plugin.
> No, it's a rules that no submodule of extragear should stop the
> configure run.  So disabling the plugin is the right thing.
I see, but that way may cause some packaging problems, forgetting
a library means loosing a plugin.
> Please add also a note to kipi-plugins readme that libxlt development
> pkg is needed.
I didn't release anything of course... so Aurelién should do it :)

> > > I think it's now ready to get into SVN. Is it ok for you if I import it? 
> > I'll agree when i can test it :)
> It will be a new module so I see no problem.  Maybe with
> DO_NOT_COMPILE="htmlgallery DO_NOT_COMPILE" in htmlgallery/configure.in.in?
A question though, it's a new module but does the old one have to be removed?

> > > Speaking of SVN, I would also like to rename the plugin "HTMLExport", which I 
> > > find more explicit than "ImageGallery".
> the compromise htmlgallery is even better IMHO ;)
why not webgallery? :)

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