[Kde-imaging] cdarchiving maintainance and imagegallery(2) thoughts

Sebastian Röder sebastian.roeder at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Feb 20 15:53:22 CET 2006


one the maintainer list that was posted a week or so ago there was nobody 
maintaining the cdarchiving plugin. Is this still the case?

I am waiting for a longer time now for some bugs to be fixed that are reported 
in bko - exspecialy the "wrong order in html interface" thing. In general I 
like the features and results of this plugin very much - it is e.g. way 
better then the cdexport in ACDSEE 6.0 Pro. Would be nice if this small bugs 
could be squashed down soon.

Further improvements would be better control over infos shown to each picture 
in the html interface (it shows path and size atm when I remember right) - 
but I don't know how much of the digikam db infos are accessable from within 

And last, it would be great to seperate CSS and html code (both are actualy 
just handled as streams in cdarchinving.cpp) to allow custom CSS.

At this point I wonder why there are atempts to do an imagegallery2 instead of 
improving the code that is allready there and try to seperate html and css? 
Is this so much harder to do? 

I have bought the new c't (a German computer magazine) and there is an article 
about html image export software. I will write about everything interesting 
in this article later.

Please fix the smaller bugs in cdarchinving soon, even if there is no 
dedicated maintainer yet. I have downloaded the cdarchiving.cpp and will try 
my best to fix it myself, but my C++ skills are way to basic I would say and 
I have no time till 2006-03-01 cause I have to finish my turnpapers.

Best regards,

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