[Kde-imaging] Xmas pressies - anyone recommend a good GPS device?

Angelo Naselli a.naselli at libero.it
Tue Dec 12 22:16:58 CET 2006

Alle 19:27, martedì 12 dicembre 2006, Julien Narboux ha scritto:
> >>> BTW, how does it work?
> >> The GPS just keeps a track with GPS position and date/time (very 
> >> accurate in GPS devices). Then, the software (eg gpssync kipi-plugins or 
> >> the windows software they provide) uses the date/time in the digital 
> >> camera (usually not accurate at all) to get the right position :)
> >> So, it's independant of the manufacturer (but I don't know anything 
> >> about their windows software).
> >>
> >> The only important point is to define precisely the date/time of the 
> >> digital camera (at least once a week because it's not accurate at all).
> >> Somebody suggested to take a picture of a GPS date/time to check the 
> >> time (if your GPS provides this feature) and I think it's a simple but 
> >> great idea :)
> > argh! I thought it was connected to the camera.... that should be better...
> > so it works if we remember to swith it on when we're using our camera and
> > if the camera is synked with the gps device...  
> > 
> Note that the sync problem is solved if you know the position of at 
> least one of the pictures.
hmmm I was thinking to the time not the position

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