[Kde-imaging] Comments needed Reg Upload to Flickr Kipi plugin

Vardhman Jain vardhman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 19:16:36 CEST 2005

Hi all,
       I am in the process of developing a Kipi-plugin to allow photo
uploads to flickr (http://www.flickr.com). I have started with the
codebase of gallery exporter as reference.

Flickr upload's concept and working is quite significantly different
from those of gallery. There is difference in the amount of
information stored with each image, how images are grouped and how
image properties are fetched/updated to the server. So I wanted to
have your suggestions for the GUI design.

Firstly, Uploads are not session/cookie based, every photo has to be
sent in a form with username and password in it. Meaning we can't ask
the user the password each time the plugin is invoked. ( So when the
plugin is invoked should Kwallet be required to authenticate or how
should I load these values and from where?).

Secondly, when images are uploaded there are a set of options we can
send in the html form, they include things like Description, Tags,
Title and more importantly access permissions like is_public,
is_family, is_friend see this url for e.g
"http://www.flickr.com/tools/uploader_go.gne"  . The first three of
these info will MOSTLY be different for each image, while the last
three might be very rarely changes, so should I also store these
things in the settings file for the plugin (does plugins also have rc

Moreover, the images are grouped not only on the basis of tags, but
also on basis of sets so what all information should the user be able
to set while uploading itself and what could be allowed to change
later? Prompting him for each upload is bad so may be we upload all
the photos at once and then allow him to change the settings for the
ones he want to. Where do we store(?) the information about the images

Can there be a simple right click option to upload? it might be handy
and fast for the user.

Please give your suggestions.

Vardhman Jain

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