[Kde-imaging] libkexif problems

Renchi Raju renchi at pooh.tam.uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 29 22:20:25 CEST 2004

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Renchi Raju wrote:

> On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> > | > Actually the rotate plugin did try to compile, and failed.
> > |
> > | the rotate plugin will try to compile, since you are compiling it from the
> > | same src tree as libkexif. there is no way to check that libkexif has been
> > | fully compiled at the configure stage of kipi-plugins. but if you try to
> > | do it from different src trees, the rotate plugin will be correctly
> > | disabled.
> > Couldn't the rotate plugin be disabled with the libkexif plugin?
> you mean that, if libexif is not found, disable rotate (jpeglossless)
> plugin along with libkexif? unfortunately, no. because, the jpeglossless
> plugin depends on libkexif and not directly on libexif. it gets a bit
> confusing, so bear with me while i try to explain this:
> libexif is usually distributed as two pkgs: libexif, libexif-devel
> libkexif is (to be) distributed as one pkg: libkexif
> compile time dependency:
> libkexif -> libexif-devel
> jpeglossless -> libkexif
> runtime dependency:
> libkexif -> libexif
> jpeglossless -> libkexif
> since you can have libkexif installed without libexif-devel, its not
> possible to disable compilation of the jpeglossless plugin because
> libexif-devel is not installed.

just an addendum, it might be possible to check if libkexif and
kipi-plugins are in the same source tree and then if libexif-devel is not
available, disable compilation for the jpeglossless plugin, but imho its
an unnecessary hassle. libexif is not used directly by any of the plugins
and most distribution packagers will generate separate tarballs for
libkexif, libkipi and kipiplugins


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