Fwd: Re: [Kde-imaging] Manipulating image data from within a KIPI plugin

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Thu May 20 23:44:23 CEST 2004

On Thursday 20 May 2004 23:37, Aurelien Gateau wrote:
| > OK, I think I'm almost there now ;-)
| > I could as easy as scratching my back return a QImage from say KimDaBa,
| > but where should this image be displayed? Would a call to this QImage
| > method indicate to the host application that it should display the image
| > in a viewer?
| No, image() returns a reference to the image data loaded by the host app.
| The plugin uses this reference to modify the image (the reference is not
| const). Once the plugin has modified the image, it will notify the host app
| by calling setImageDirty(). The host app implementation of setImageDirty()
| should refresh the image view and consider it as modified, so that it can
| warn the user of unsaved changes if he quits.
I do understand that the image is not const, but you still haven't told me 
what makes that image appear on my monitor in the first place.

Is this a special action, which can only be invoked from a viewer rather than 
from thumbnail view?


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