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Beau Dozier

Selena Gomez may have let the cat out of the bag when she told MTV
News last week that plans were in progress to turn her popular Disney
series, "Wizards of Waverly Place" — about a New York City family
whose kids have magical powers — into a movie.

When asked last week by MTV News if a film was in the works, Gomez
replied without pausing, "Yes! We actually want to shoot it here in
New York," and even speculated a bit about what might happen in the
film. "I think it would have to be that our secret is about to be
exposed," she said.

Speaking of secrets being exposed, while that information is basically
correct, the devil is in the details. Gomez's rep clarified to MTV
News on Thursday (October 30) that while there is a film in
development, it's a Disney Channel original movie, rather than a
feature film.

"It will be part of the blockbuster Disney Channel Original Movie
franchise, the same franchise that launched 'High School Musical' and
'Camp Rock,' " a rep for Disney said. "While it's only in development,
the plan is to have the movie ready for the 2009 calendar year."

However, until her movie dreams come true, Gomez is hard at work on
the series. "I think that my fans will expect more magic and crazy
stuff going on," she said of the show's ongoing second season. "I
think you see Alex more mature this season."

Gomez excitedly revealed the one big way that her character is growing
up and finding herself. "She gets her first boyfriend," she said. "His
name is Daniel, and he's just this really sweet guy who, I honestly
think, has a lot of potential. I think he's going to do great." She
added, "No, [he doesn't know our secret] yet."

Beau Dozier

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