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Sun May 14 08:26:31 BST 2023

Le sam. 13 mai 2023 à 23:57, Enol P. <enolp at> a écrit :

> Hi everyone,
> Long time ago I made an script to build ast locale translations but I've
> lost it, and I forgot all commands to execute. However, I couldn't find any
> information about this online.
> I appreciate if someone can send me all necessary instructions to build
> translations.

to compile .po file to .mo file:
    msgfmt file.po -o

to compile to .qm file:
    lconvert -if po -of ts -i file.po -o file.ts
    lrelease -compress -nounfinished file.ts -qm file.qm

(from the doc,,
it seems we can get a .qm directly using "msgfmt --qt file.po -o file.qm"
but I haven't tested it so I'm not sure of the differences)
Depending on your OS, msgfmt is in the gettext package, lconvert/lrelease
in qttools.

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