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Thank Johnny

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> Hi
> Le dim. 23 avr. 2023 à 10:49, Zayed Al-Saidi <zayed.alsaidi at> a
> écrit :
>> Hi All!
>> I want to translate Kturtle handbook to Arabic language. I've translated
>> the po files for the handbook and commit it to the docmessages folder for
>> Arabic. See:
>> My question is How to generate the Arabic docbook files and put it to the
>> doc folder. I tried to run, but I've gotten the
>> English source of docbooks and the pot files only so far.  I'm sure I'm
>> missing something :)
>> Is there any guideline or step by step for the new language?
>> Hi,
> For French, we have this script
> to handle both summit process (up to line 105) and then, the documentation
> generation between line 99 and 110 (the next ones are the same for other
> branches).
> The doc is generated using update_xml from scripty.
Here what I did:
1- svn checkout for /trunk/l10n-kf5/ar/docmessages
2- update files in /docmessages/kturtle with Arabic translation in po file
3- at docmessages folder, I run this:
SCRIPTY_I18N_BRANCH=trunk_kf5 ../script/l10n-scripty/update_xml ar kturtle
3- The output is a new folder with name "documentation" and inside it a
folder with name "kturtle" having English docbook files!

It seems that update_xml does not recognize ar. Do I miss something here?

> Cheers,
> Johnny
> Regards,
>> Zayed Al-Saidi
>> Arabic team coordinator.
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