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> Hi All!
> I want to translate Kturtle handbook to Arabic language. I've translated
> the po files for the handbook and commit it to the docmessages folder for
> Arabic. See:
> My question is How to generate the Arabic docbook files and put it to the
> doc folder. I tried to run, but I've gotten the
> English source of docbooks and the pot files only so far.  I'm sure I'm
> missing something :)
> Is there any guideline or step by step for the new language?
> Hi,

For French, we have this script
to handle both summit process (up to line 105) and then, the documentation
generation between line 99 and 110 (the next ones are the same for other
The doc is generated using update_xml from scripty.


> Zayed Al-Saidi
> Arabic team coordinator.
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