Filipino `fil` localization team

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Mon Apr 3 23:00:16 BST 2023

El dilluns, 3 d’abril de 2023, a les 12:28:42 (CEST), IverCoder va escriure:
> Good day!

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> I would like to help with translating to Filipino fil. However, I saw that
> there's no localization team for it.
> While there is already a Tagalog tl team, the tl language tag is no longer
> good to use as Tagalog has long been superseeded by Filipino (according to
> a legal declaration by the Philippine government), and it causes conflicts
> on systems which do not recognize the tl tag, therefore it would be better
> to localize using the fil tag.

Why would be erase the Tagalog language translation?

That seems like a very bad way to start your conversation.

If you want to translate to Filipino that's fine, but don't ask for an existing 
translation to be removed.

> So I would like to ask for guidance and permission to start localizing to
> Filipino fil. I hope to help out on KDE being made available to more
> people.

The first thing we ask people that want to create a new team is to 
translate kcoreaddons, kio and kxmlgui as close to 100% as possible and send 
them to me in private (no need to bother the rest of the people in the mailing 
list with those files).

Do you need help with how the translation workflow works?

Best Regards,

> Regards,IverCoder

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