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Janet Blackquill uhhadd at gmail.com
Sat May 21 22:55:15 BST 2022

Am Sa., 21. Mai 2022 um 14:08 Uhr schrieb Marius P <nmariusp1 at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I want that the KDE Project approves the following political decision:
> "The About dialog of applications will no longer have translated/transliterated human names. I.e. the names of maintainers, contributors, etc."
> 1. Maybe it is just me. But I am OK if you write my name correctly.
> I am OK if you write my name without diacritics, i.e. using only the English US alphabet.
> But I would not want to have my name transliterated to a Cyrillic/Ethiopian (Geʽez)/whatever alphabet/spelling/script.
> 2. Some names are translated, some not. E.g. kcalc.po be_cyr:
> #: kcalc.cpp:2856
> #, kde-format
> msgid "Charles Samuels"
> msgstr "Чарльз Самуэльс"
> #: kcalc.cpp:2858
> #, kde-format
> msgid "René Mérou"
> msgstr ""
> 3. Some names are transliterated incorrectly. E.g. kcalc.po be_cyr:
> #: kcalc.cpp:2851
> #, kde-format
> msgid "Bernd Johannes Wuebben"
> msgstr "Бернд Джонс Уэбэн" <- This means "Bernd Dzhons Ve'be'n". "Dzhons" is the transliteration e.g. for "Jones" as in "Indiana Jones".
> 4. Are there any other translations of kcalc except for Cyrillic script languages, that have human names translated/transliterated?
> 5. The human names in kcalc constitute a large part of the strings that need to be translated.
> 6. From what I see, GNOME projects do not translate human names in the About dialog.
> E.g. EmmanueleB votes "No, they should not; Names are names; People decide how they should be called; I'm a GNOME maintainer, so I don't make policy, to the extent that such a policy could exist.".
> 7. This will not create new strings to translate, for the strings which consist only of one human name.

For Toki Pona, we don't transliterate, but we still need strings
containing names to be marked as translatable, since freestanding
names aren't valid in the language; they always need to be qualified
with a head noun to indicate what kind of thing the name is referring

Also like, who exactly are you to be making this request? You don't
seem to have any notable activity within KDE, and as far as I can
tell, you're just a random person that doesn't like people that speak
other languages writing names the way they're used to it and not
someone with a concrete request for something actionable (i.e., asking
people to prefer using Ukrainian instead of Russian romanisation for
Ukrainian names or asking people to keep the family name first when
romanising a Japanese name.)
If you have something specific that you want changed, it would be
better to propose that instead of this wide-reaching policy that
explicitly goes against people who want to see stuff in their language
the way their language works.

> Thanks.

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