Belarusian 4 plural forms

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu Aug 25 21:09:47 BST 2022

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El dijous, 25 d’agost de 2022, a les 18:14:30 (CEST), Antikruk va escriure:
> I don't understand the situation.  Each language has its own number of
> forms.  

Can you clarify what you don't understand of what i wrote?

I thought it was quite clear.
 - You said "we need 4 plural forms because the non integer numbers have their 
own plural form" 
 - i said "there's no messages that need that fourth form because all our 
messages are about integer numbers exclusively"

> As I already wrote, many cat generate forms automatically, this
> cannot be changed.  I will have to edit the files manually.  

Can't the tool you use be configured?

> This is a
> large amount of work.  I also looked at other languages ​​in the kde svn
> repository. For example, Ukrainian, which is the most related to the
> Belarusian language, has nplurals=4.(I see kcoreaddons). And everything
> seems to be working correctly. Maybe you were wrong?

I don't think I'm particularly wrong.

Can you please explain exactly what makes you think I am wrong? 

I'm not saying any other nplurals can't be used.

I'm saying that I think the nplurals=3 is the correct one for "be".

For what is worth gettext agrees

Best Regards,

> 24 жніўня 2022 г. 21:41:52 UTC, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at> піша:
> >El dimecres, 24 d’agost de 2022, a les 16:17:20 (CEST), Antikruk va 
> >> Hi. In .po from svn specified, that 3 plural forms are used for
> >> Belarusian.
> >> The "other" form is needed, it is different for fractional numbers,
> >> although such cases are rare.
> >>
> >> ra
> >> l_rules.html
> >
> >The KDE and the Qt translation systems only work for integer numbers, that
> >means none of our "plural" strings is ever translated with something like
> >1.5
> >
> >That means that the 3 plural form is the correct definition as far as i
> >understand.
> >
> >> I can upload files with 4 forms or or is it unacceptable?
> >
> >Our scripts make sure that all our files have the same plural definition,
> >so unless we decide that 4 plural definition is the correct one and change
> >all the existing files, no, you can not upload files with 4 forms.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >
> >  Albert

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