The KDE Gear 22.04 announcement is ready for translation

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Apr 18 11:46:48 BST 2022

El dilluns, 18 d’abril de 2022, a les 11:44:03 (CEST), Paul Brown va escriure:
> Dear Translators,
> The KDE Gear 21.04 announcement is ready for translation.
> The release is planned for Thursday this week. I realise it is tight, but if 
> translations are a couple of days late, it is not  a huge problem.

Given that most people look at the announcement the first or second day

I don't agree that being a couple of days late it's not a huge problem, I'd even say that if the translation is going to be more than 3 days late it's probably not worth the effort to translate at all and the translation work should better be directed somewhere else (of course everyone is free to work on whatever they want).


> Also, if you have any comments, suggestions or grievances you would like to 
> share, please let us know be answering this email. We would very much like to 
> help the translation teams receive the help and support they need and the 
> recognition they deserve.
> Thanks!
> Cheers
> Paul

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