Strings for days

Eduard Werner edi.werner at
Tue Oct 19 20:48:29 BST 2021

Answering my own question:

LC_TIME was not set correctly ...

On Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 09:46:46PM +0200, Eduard Werner wrote:
> Hello all,
> since I could not find the information and don't know who else to ask:
> Where does korganizer get the date format from? On my cinnamon mint
> installation it just displays the Sorbian dates correctly, on my KDE
> Neon it doesn't. I thought it would take them from /usr/share/i18n
> where the appropriate locale is defined, but while my translated
> strings are displayed in Sorbian, the dates are being displayed in
> German, in spite of the installation being in English ...
> Any hint appreciated.
> Best
> Edi
> --


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