Request to join translation team for localization of user interface to Vietnamese

Phu Hung Nguyen phu.nguyen at
Mon Oct 18 14:01:47 BST 2021

Dear Hoang D. Tran,

Currently the Vietnamese team is a small team so we need only one 
submitter and we already have one. You can send me your translation and 
I will help with committing it.

Please also join the mailing list of the Vietnamese team I will send an email to 
that list, CC you, to explain what you need to do now.


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> Subject: Request to join translation team for localization of user
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> Dear Admin,
> My name is Hoang Duy Tran, and I would like to request submit rights to the KDE translation source. I have downloaded the source from here:
> svn co svn://
> And had registered as a mailing list user. This is my first time interacting with KDE in this manner and hence I have yet to learn the procedure to become a submitter / developer with KDE and so I would love to hear more about how to becoming one myself, if you would instruct me, that would be very kind of you. The reason being is that I had been creating Krita tutorial videos on Youtube to help artist friends of mine in Vietnam who requested for those, and a recent message from viewers in Vietnam indicating the need to change the interface into Vietnamese. I had subsequently	downloaded the latest stable version (4.4.8) and examined the translation works to Vietnamese, and was discovered a disappointed progress on this front. There was hardly any improvement that worth a notice, so I decided to download the svn source to find out how extensive is the actual changes in the PO files. Currently most of the translations were shadowed by the ‘#, fuzzy’ markers, leading to software showing English default, so I decided to make this effort to join the Vietnamese translation team to contribute my little part in this front, though I’m doing translation for Blender at the moment.
> Please send me instructions of how to become a submitter for the svn repository.
> I look forward to hearing from you soon.
> Blessings,
> Hoang D. Tran

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