Disappearing translations and maintaining consistency over branches

Edward Wornar edi.werner at gmx.de
Sun Nov 28 14:08:36 GMT 2021

Dnja 28.11.21 14:26:53 CET, Karl Ove Hufthammer napisa:
> Edward Wornar skreiv 28.11.2021 13:53:
> ./branches/stable/l10n-kf5-plasma-lts/xx/messages/plasma-workspace/klipper.p
> o ./branches/stable/l10n-kf5/xx/messages/plasma-workspace/klipper.po
> ./trunk/l10n-kf5/xx/messages/plasma-workspace/klipper.po
> (And in some cases, the name of the file is not identical in the three
> branches.)
> If you instead use the PO summit, you‘ll only have to manage *one*
> project and edit *one* file:
> ./trunk/l10n-support/xx/summit/messages/plasma-workspace/klipper.po
> And if the wording of a string has been improved in ‘trunk’, the string
> will usually be shown right before/after the corresponding ‘stable’
> string in the summit file, so that you can easily make the same
> improvement (if relevant) for the stable version. Then the ‘stable’
> translation will actually be of *higher* quality than the original
> English string (which can’t be changed, because of the string freeze).
> So, with one minor exception, I can’t actually see any *advantage* of
> using a non-summit workflow. It’s more complicated, and it’s more
> error-prone.

Good points. I tried summit yesterday and it seemed to work. But a mail from 
the server this morning told me that I had commited a directory


(yes, emplates) where the whole directory tree got duplicated and submitted/
added once more.
I haven't edited any of the files - I have only set KDEREPO and L10NLANG - and 
just followed the instructions on the web page so I am not sure what has 
happened (it looks like a typo in a script to me). Does anybody have an idea 
what has happened here?

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