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Sun Nov 28 11:20:44 GMT 2021

Hi all,
I am fully in line with Łukasz's proposition for creating a dedicated branch for the website translations, in addition to documentation and application translation branches.
Therefore, I have no idea about the feasibility, impacts and modifications to do so.
For me, the translation process/terminology/wording are a bit different between applications and documentation, justifying (for years) two separate translation branches.
For website translations, I am translating within the FR team,KDE announcements and many others websites. The translation work is a bit different to doc and apps (more HTML, links, ref, ...). Workload is greater, reactivity to changes depending on team size, requiring dedicated skills (ex: Krita or Kdenlive). Good proposition to separate websites translations for me, without mixing apps and websites.
Just to understand the naming in the new branch, Łukasz, is this what you are proposing?

  * messages/documentation-docs-kdenlive-org/ ==>
  * messages/websites-kde-org ==> messages/websites/kde-org (with files
    frameworks_announcements.po menu_shared.po  promo.po 
    release_announcements.po www_www.po)

Hope it helps.

Cheers. Xavier

Le 28/11/2021 à 10:40, Łukasz Wojniłowicz a écrit :
> Hi all,
> at  under "Statistics" label the translations are
> divided into following areas:
> 1) Applications
> 2) Documentation
> but since a while a trend started to set in that big chunks of
> documentation go into the "Applications" area like with the recent
> "documentation-docs-kdenlive-org".
> I may have no capacity to translate that, but it will appear constantly
> as untranslated in the area of Applications (onto which I put the most
> priority), and clutters the view more and more.
> I suggest:
> 1) moving the documentation prefixed chunks out of the "Applications"
> area into the "Documentation" area.
> 2) creating a new "Websites" area and moving the websites prefixed
> chunks out of "Applications" area into the "Websites" area.
> Those three areas are so big on themselves and distinct from each other
> that they deserve to be kept in separate spaces.
> That way you don't have to use prefixes like "documentation" or
> "websites" to mark non-application chunks in the "Applications" area.
> Thanks.
> Cheers,
> Łukasz

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