Plasma Mobile 21.05 release

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon May 3 17:48:33 BST 2021

El dilluns, 3 de maig de 2021, a les 16:01:08 (CEST), Bhushan Shah va escriure:
> Hello release team and i18n team,
> We would like to release some of Plasma Mobile applications on monthly basis, 
> KDE Gear release cycle of 4 month is currently quite large for some of active 
> projects,
> There are following applications which are currently in extragear and I will 
> be releasing them next Sunday,
> - plasma-dialer
> - spacebar
> - angelfish
> - plasma-settings
> - alligator
> - plasma-phonebook
> - koko
> - calindori
> - kongress
> - ktrip
> - keysmith
> In addition there is following repositories which are part of the kdereview 
> and/or planned to go through kdereview in upcoming days, To simplify packaging 
> for distributions, I am also including them in this bundle for now, they will 
> be marked as unstable clearly in release announcement,
> - kclock
> - kalk
> - kweather
> - kweathercore [1]
> - krecorder
> - qmlkonsole
> - kirigami-addons
> I have created branches for this release,

Do we really need branches if you're going to do a release every month? 

I'm asking because creating/maintaining i18n branches is somewhat painful. You have teams that work on trunk mainly, others that work on stable mainly, so each time we "copy from trunk to master", we potentially lose some translations, for big things like KDE Gear and Plasma we have established this is what we do, but for smaller things we seldom do mass copies from master to stable because of different translation teams working differently.

Would it be possible just to release from master? For me it seems like you're not going to use the stable branch to do a second release if release time is just a month, no? Or am i misundersanding the velocity here and you're actually planning to have some x.y.1 release too?


> if repo-metadata needs to be updated 
> right away, please merge this MR: , otherwise when translations are moved 
> accordingly.
> Thanks
> [1] It is technically in extragear but it is closely tied with kweather for 
> now so let's release it together with kweather as unstable

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