Plasma Mobile 21.05 release

Bhushan Shah bshah at
Mon May 3 15:01:08 BST 2021

Hello release team and i18n team,

We would like to release some of Plasma Mobile applications on monthly basis, 
KDE Gear release cycle of 4 month is currently quite large for some of active 

There are following applications which are currently in extragear and I will 
be releasing them next Sunday,

- plasma-dialer
- spacebar
- angelfish
- plasma-settings
- alligator
- plasma-phonebook
- koko
- calindori
- kongress
- ktrip
- keysmith

In addition there is following repositories which are part of the kdereview 
and/or planned to go through kdereview in upcoming days, To simplify packaging 
for distributions, I am also including them in this bundle for now, they will 
be marked as unstable clearly in release announcement,

- kclock
- kalk
- kweather
- kweathercore [1]
- krecorder
- qmlkonsole
- kirigami-addons

I have created branches for this release, if repo-metadata needs to be updated 
right away, please merge this MR: , otherwise when translations are moved 


[1] It is technically in extragear but it is closely tied with kweather for 
now so let's release it together with kweather as unstable
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