Translation How-To renewal

Yuri Chornoivan yurchor at
Wed Jun 23 18:46:09 BST 2021


As it was decided on our Akademy meeting our general translation manual [1] 
should be rewritten to take into account the following requirements

1. The translation howto should be task-oriented
2. It should be concise.
3. It should address the following topics
  “I want to start translating language foo”
  “I’ve tried contacting language team foo but no answer”
     when a team exist, when a team doesn’t exist (or doesn’t exist anymore)
  “I’ve got translation access, how do I move forward”
    clear information on where translations can be found and the meaning of 
branches, and how to update and commit
   Advanced information are fine, but should not hinder the comprehension of 
the the simple tasks

As you might know, the current manual code is here [2].

Please add your ideas and suggestions on the new content. Some points can be 
found in [3, 4].

Best regards,


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