Fuzzy Your emails and Your names

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Fri Jun 18 10:59:31 BST 2021

Phu Hung Nguyen ha scritto:
>> > Hello everyone.
>> >
>> > I am working on Czech translations in Summit.
>> >
>> > I noticed that Your emails and Your names strings are occasionally
>> > marked as fuzzy and replaced by some string.
>> >
>> > That leads to the loss of information about contributors.
>> Uhm, interesting, I've never observed this. Do you have a specific example
>> where this happened?
>> > You can see that for example on digiKam where I am now incorrectly
>> > stated as the only contributor.
>> Maybe those strings was removed and readded in the source code for some reason?
> I just did a little investigation. A comparison between Czech and my language
> (Vietnamese) helps showing what happened.
> The latest revision of Czech translation of digikam.po that does not contain
> the "Your names" message is revision 1601729 [1], it appeared (maybe again) in
> the revision 1601730 [2]. Checking the two correspondent revisions in the
> Vietnamese translation, one can see that the message was translated but
> obsolete in revision 1601729 [3], and not obsolete anymore in revision 1601730
> [4].
> So just for the case of digikam.po, my conclusion is that tosky's guess is
> correct: the message existed at some point in the past, was removed before
> revision 1601729 and was readded in revision 1601730.

Thanks for digging into the history.

In fact this was a digikam bug, fixed by:


I would say this is a very special case: looking at the history, it seems
those strings were never removed, they simply didn't exist before. Or at least
they haven't been around for a long time:


(maybe it was working at the time, but I fear digikam refactored its internals
too much.)

For this reason I don't think we need any special handling for this kind of
issues: either application use KXMLGui and everything works automatically, or,
if they don't, either they add the strings (and everything works) or they
forget and when that's fixed the strings are going to be new.


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