Fuzzy Your emails and Your names

Phu Hung Nguyen phuhnguyen at disroot.org
Fri Jun 18 10:39:00 BST 2021

 > > Hello everyone.
 > >
 > > I am working on Czech translations in Summit.
 > >
 > > I noticed that Your emails and Your names strings are occasionally
 > > marked as fuzzy and replaced by some string.
 > >
 > > That leads to the loss of information about contributors.
 > Uhm, interesting, I've never observed this. Do you have a specific 
 > where this happened?
 > > You can see that for example on digiKam where I am now incorrectly
 > > stated as the only contributor.
 > Maybe those strings was removed and readded in the source code for 
some reason?

I just did a little investigation. A comparison between Czech and my 
language (Vietnamese) helps showing what happened.

The latest revision of Czech translation of digikam.po that does not 
contain the "Your names" message is revision 1601729 [1], it appeared 
(maybe again) in the revision 1601730 [2]. Checking the two 
correspondent revisions in the Vietnamese translation, one can see that 
the message was translated but obsolete in revision 1601729 [3], and not 
obsolete anymore in revision 1601730 [4].

So just for the case of digikam.po, my conclusion is that tosky's guess 
is correct: the message existed at some point in the past, was removed 
before revision 1601729 and was readded in revision 1601730.

 > So I am wondering:
 > 1) How can I fix that? Meaning, how can I get the real list of the 
 > 2) Could you please prevent Your emails and Your names ever being
 > marked as fuzzy?

1) To get the list of contributors, you can try opening the PO file in a 
text editor (e.g. Kate) instead of your translation program, and check 
those lines at the beginning of the file, before the first empty pair of 
msgid and msgstr.

2) Though I guess it's doable, I'm not sure doing this is free of side 
effects. Let's see what tosky thinks.






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