KDE's Official Standlaone application packages are missing translations for some basic buttons

Heiko Becker mail at heiko-becker.de
Wed Jun 16 22:16:41 BST 2021

On Wednesday, 16 June 2021 11:55:32 CEST, Luigi Toscano wrote:
>> Generally speaking:
>> 1) It only affects DIALOGUES' basic buttons like "OK", 
>> "Cancel", "Help" and so
>> on.
>> 2) It affects all languages.
>> 3) It happens only on KDE's official, standalone builds. 
>> Packages provided by
>> Linux distros are unaffected.
> I've checked the Kate appdata and the Kate win64 binaries from 
> binary-factory
> and they don't include the Qt translations (they ships all the other
> translations). So maybe just a configuration issue on the CI?

While there is a craft blueprint for qttranslations, the kate blueprint 
doesn't depend on it (nor does any other blueprint). But then I'm not 
overly familiar with craft...


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