KDE's Official Standlaone application packages are missing translations for some basic buttons

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Wed Jun 16 10:55:32 BST 2021

Tyson Tan ha scritto:
> Hi team,
> I wrote this email to discuss a KDE internationalization issue: KDE's Official
> Standlaone application packages (Windows/macOS/appimage) have been missing
> translations for some basic buttons:
> Krita:
> https://www.tysontan.com/temp/free_software/kde_bugs/krita2.png
> digiKam:
> https://www.tysontan.com/temp/free_software/kde_bugs/digikam2.png
> Kdenlive:
> https://www.tysontan.com/temp/free_software/kde_bugs/kdenlive.png
> Kate:
> https://www.tysontan.com/temp/free_software/kde_bugs/kate.png

> Generally speaking:
> 1) It only affects DIALOGUES' basic buttons like "OK", "Cancel", "Help" and so
> on.
> 2) It affects all languages.
> 3) It happens only on KDE's official, standalone builds. Packages provided by
> Linux distros are unaffected.

I've checked the Kate appdata and the Kate win64 binaries from binary-factory
and they don't include the Qt translations (they ships all the other
translations). So maybe just a configuration issue on the CI?


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