L10n of frameworks announcements on kde.org

Phu Hung Nguyen phuhnguyen at disroot.org
Sun Feb 21 15:58:22 GMT 2021

Hi everyone,

Currently, changelogs of other types of announcement on kde.org are not 
translated, only announcement pages are. For Frameworks announcements, 
it is a bit different since the changelogs are not separated from the 
announcement page but are the main part of it, and the whole 
announcement page including the changelogs is translatable. However the 
changelogs are mostly technical changes and they are usually very long. 
In my opinion, the localization work's main target is normal users, not 
technical users, thus the localization of Frameworks changelogs, which 
perhaps requires a lot of effort from translators, doesn't seem to have 
much impact.

Anyway I can still see these changelogs are translated to some 
languages. So I would like to ask for your opinions about whether these 
changelogs for Frameworks announcements need to be translated.

My view on this is that we need not and should not make these changelogs 
translatable. People including myself might prefer to read in their 
native language(s), but I think (guess) the number of people reading 
these changelogs in languages other than English is just not worth the 
effort. There can also be the problem of mistranslation which I think is 
more relevant in this case because we have a lot of libraries and 
translators might sometimes need to understand many of them to translate 
correctly. Translators can decide to do the translation for these 
changelogs or not, but excluding these changelogs will save us a lot of 
message processing work: of about 13.1k messages in 
websites-kde-org/www_www.pot, more than 10.1k are from these changelogs. 
And lastly, I can put up the question: if we translate these changelogs, 
why don't we do with other changelogs as well?

Thank you in advance for your opinions and your time.


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