Web change important for translators

Carl Schwan carl at carlschwan.eu
Wed Feb 17 22:22:31 GMT 2021

Hello (again),

This time it's to announce changes related to the websites.

With the new kate-editor-org, I started working on a shared theme
for kde-org and kate-editor to reduce the amount of code duplication.
As a side effect the translations are also shared.

There are now stored in messages/websites-aether-sass/aether-sass-shared-translations.po
Since they are used in kde-org, kate-editor, and soon more, these are
pretty important (if you want to translate the website too).

Probably timeline-kde-org will use it next to but I also plan to make
more website translatable as the time goes (mostly just the homepage and
a few important pages for each kde website).


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