Malay translation submission

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Tue Feb 9 22:30:23 GMT 2021

Yes No ha scritto:
> I would like to submit a few files for the Malay translation. At the moment,
> there is no team to do the verification, so the translation is only verified
> by me. However, I believe that I was able to spot a lot of translation errors
> that do not fit to the context and able to rectify them to the correct
> translations. Here are the files description:
> - kcoreaddons5_qt.po: fully translated and verified
> - kxmlgui5.po: fully translated and verified
> - kio5.po: translated and verified until entry 271
> I was not clear on who I should submit these files to. I really appreciate
> your time and I hope we can work together in the future. Thank you.


you can send the translations to me (or Albert), and then move forward from
there (the request to access the repository).


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