Belarusian localization

Yuri Chornoivan yurchor at
Tue Apr 27 18:58:16 BST 2021

вівторок, 27 квітня 2021 р. 13:06:15 EEST Alexander Susha написано:
> Hi
> Could you tell if anyone is working on belarusian localization of KDE? I
> didn't find it in a teams list but found it in a combobox above. I think I
> can help with the localization but I can't find how to start. And I'd like
> to know how to apply and check the existing one in svn at starters :)
> Best regards, Aleksandr Susha


Welcome aboard!

It was a while before there were sustainable Belarusian translation. To revive 
the team you should register an account on , 
translate some files and send them to our team leadership (they will tell you 
what the files are soon), then get the SVN access to commit the new 
translations by yourself.

Some hints are here:

Happy translating.

Best regards,

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