Updating HTML and PDF documentation at https://docs.kde.org/

Urs Fleisch urs.fleisch at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 10:46:30 BST 2021


Sorry if I ask a dumb question which is already answered in the KDE
documentation, but I could not find it.

My concrete problem is that the handbooks for Kid3 in HTML and PDF
formats (https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/extragear-multimedia/kid3/,
https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/extragear-multimedia/kid3/kid3.pdf, and
the same for a few other languages) are a bit outdated, actually at
version 3.8.3 and I would like to update them to version 3.8.6.

The HTML files could be generated using meinproc5. For the PDFs, I
could try something as described in
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RenderKDEDocs. Then I would have to upload the
generated files, the trunk5 in the URL looks like svn, but I could not
find a corresponding repository (and probably there is not any since
these are generated files and not source files).

So my question is if there is an official or recommended way to update
the generated documentation for a project?

Best regards,

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