HTML puzzle in digiKam

Shinjo Park kde at
Wed Sep 16 12:07:01 BST 2020

In digikam/digikam.po:

#: core/dplugins/generic/metadata/metadataedit/exif/exifcaption.cpp:151
#: core/dplugins/generic/metadata/metadataedit/exif/exifdevice.cpp:324
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"<b>Note: <b><a href=''>Exif</a></b> text "
"tags marked by (*) only support printable <b><a href='https://en.wikipedia."
"org/wiki/Ascii'>ASCII</a></b> characters.</b>"
msgstr ""

#: core/dplugins/generic/metadata/metadataedit/exif/exifdevice.cpp:159
#, kde-format
msgid ""
"<b>Warning: Exif <b><a href='"
"Exchangeable_image_file_format#MakerNote_data'>Makernotes</a></b> can be "
"unreadable if you set wrong device manufacturer/model description.</b>"
msgstr ""

I think overlapping b tags are making no logical sense. Is there a particular 
reason using overlapping b tags?

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