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Carl Schwan carl at
Tue Oct 13 17:53:44 BST 2020

Le mardi, octobre 13, 2020 5:51 PM, Rolf Eike Beer <kde at> a écrit :

> > Thanks to all the translations, it's amazing and even more on such short
> > notice. I will try to ask earlier next time. The promo team posted all the
> > translations on twitter and Mastodon If we forgot some please, let us
> > know.
> Just a few drive-by notes:
> -when one wants to look if a given language is already translated it would be
> handy if the translators would attach their language code to the subject, so
> one can easily seen "has anyone already done German", e.g. "… media post [DE]"
> -and German, hm, that one doesn't really satisfy me. I know, I'm late to the
> game, but it feels to much like a word-by-word translation to me, not natural
> language. And there are even errors in it: "welche dein …" -> "welche deinen
> …", "reibungloser" -> "reibungsloser"
> Eike

Hello Eike,

Good idea about adding the language code to the subject. And I'm sorry to hear
that the German translations had some errors. This was contributed by one of
Swiss german member of the promo team who also speaks Hochdeutsch. I reviewed
it and didn't saw the flaw in it. It is now too late now to change it but next
time I will ask you to review it.

Carl Schwan

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