[Kde-hardware-devel] Bluetooth, anybody?

Tom Patzig tpatzig at suse.de
Mon Jan 12 18:18:17 CET 2009

Guillaume Pothier wrote:
> Hi,
> Is Solid bluetooth on somebody's radar currently? I started to
> implement the bluetooth kioslave (inside
> playground/network/kbluetooth4); for that I also had to modify a bit
> the Solid bluetooth API, which is currently in a rather bad shape,
> being in the middle of a porting to the latest bluez API. I'd like to
> commit that work now, it's far from fully working but it does
> something (basically you can browse the bluetooth network, but not use
> any services). The patch is attached. If nobody opposes, I'll commit
> that tomorrow.
Hi Guillaume,

good to hear from you.
Lukily i have some time this week...so my plan is to take the whole week
time to get kdebluetooth4 back to life :)
ATM it looks quite good. Today i finished to get the security stuff
(Passkey Agent and Authorization Agent) implemented.
So right now a lot more things getting back to work properly.
I've successfully tested: BT Adapter Settings, Remote Device Search,
File Transfer, PasskeyAgent, AuthorizationAgent
Until the end of the week i'll try to fix the Device Manager and Input
Stuff, to have the basic kdebluetooth4 TODOS fullfilled.

To get that things work, i also had to make a couple of changes in the
solid-bluetooth layers. But the code is still very ugly and a lot of
debug output.
It would be great if you could wait with your checkin, to have the other
basic changes merged in properly.

So maybe we should talk about the that (irc?)



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