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Andres Kaaber andres.kaaber at rescue.ee
Sun Jan 7 12:33:00 CET 2007

Hi everyone.
As I am a big fanboy of KDE, interested in this project and have some knolage 
of web based software development and database management so I'm willing to 
donate my spear time for this. 

You have all nice questions and I'm quite sure lots of people have some nice 
ideas so maby it's time to open a wiki page on http://solid.kde.org/wiki/. 
Let's describe this project?

Ühel kenal päeval (pühapäev 07 jaanuar 2007 12:36 pm) kirjutas 
did.hoarau at club-internet.fr:
> Hi All,
> This is my first email in this mailling list, si let me
> introduce myself :
> It has been a long time since I wanted to getting involved
> in an open source project. As I really like KDE I decided to
> join a KDE 4 team. I am a french software engineer (I
> graduated in 2006) and I have been using Linux & KDE for the
> last 6 years.
> Now let's talk about the task I picked up in the Wiki. As I
> had to begin somewhere I picked up a small project in the
> Wiki (http://solid.kde.org/wiki/index.php/Tasks) : the Data
> Collector.
> OK, so to begin to work on this (and after I have read the
> Wiki & Solid Website page) I have asked myself a few
> questions:
> When this will be used ?
> What kind of data will be collected ?
> How and where will the data be sent ?
> I have though a little bit about these things and I have
> made my own opinion on them:
> When it will be used: I guess the users will use this wizard
> when some of his devices do not work properly (not detected,
> not properly configured, when he doesn't know how to used it
> on KDE, etc...). I imagine it his a little bit like a bug
> report.
> What kind of data: I suppose it will contain information on
> the devices on the user's computer (known by solid). I also
> suppose the user will be able to send his comment on this
> (what it's going wrong, etc...). Maybe he doesn't want to
> send all information known by solid but only a part of it.
> Where the data will be sent: I guess the data will be sent
> by email or to a web service (or something like that) on the
> Internet.
> I don't know if I get it right, but if I have forgotten
> something of if I have misanderstood something, just tell
> me.
> Bye
> Didier.
> PS: As we are at the beginning of 2007 and as it is my first
> message, Happy New Year !
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