[Kde-graphics-devel] Re: kdegraphics git: Summary, part 2. Repositories.

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Mon Jan 10 17:43:56 CET 2011


Alle lunedì 3 gennaio 2011, Marcel Wiesweg ha scritto:
> some already asked where preliminary repositories for checking the
> history can be found.
> [...]
> Work is needed if the moves, rename or branching operations occurred
> which Niko did not yet account for.

I've just more or less quickly inspected the okular repository, and 
found the following issues:

- there are some revisions in which new files are (re)added, but those
  files existed already, and were just modified; few examples:
  88d32391, e02e17cd1, a15937e16, 9ec727e809, 9971fda361, f3f8048572,
  12443fc9, 819add1e3, ab68da364cc, b0ac82c7, 5a58f6ea8, 4c6cec01,
  d1154ad2, 0d49789e6.
  Looks like some commits after 7a87eff309 (where I can see a
  refs/backups/r650477/heads/master) suffer from this issue.

- 9fac9ad9f4 looks empty (maybe the same cause above)

- a0fa408c6 is the first revision, while it cannot be
  (6eb127e82 is the first, but see below)

- looks like the okular tags are on an empty commit on its own, instead
  of being on the branch on they were done. Could you please avoid these
  empty commits so the tags are on the branches?

- I really would like to "stitch" the okular history to the
  kpdf_annotations one: i'm referring to the kpdf branch
  /branches/kpdf/annotations/kdegraphics/kpdf, and the okular (actually,
  oKular at that time ;) ) seems to started from r431884 of that branch.
  That would also imply following the history of the main kpdf.

- r556303 copies various files from kviewshell; could they history be
  saved, please?

I don't see anything else, at least for now; until the first point above 
is solved, I cannot check precisely the history from that point.

Pino Toscano
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