[Kde-graphics-devel] Anyone there? Does anyone have ideas toimplement KPDF like zooming in Konqueror?

Luke-Jr luke-jr at utopios.org
Wed Mar 2 06:47:54 CET 2005

On Tuesday 01 March 2005 22:20, Dirk Schönberger wrote:
> > I for one think that it improves the usability if webpages behave more
> > like real paper documents (which don't rerender if you look closer),
> > but what do you other guys think? 
> I don't really think its a good idea. HTML was never designed to be a page
> oriented medium, so most of the existing HTML documents don't assume this.

However, CSS makes [X]HTML very usable for print output. I now do all my 
printed work using CSS/XHTML and the only problems I have had thus far is 
lack of full CSS support in browsers (I generally stick to KHTML since it has 
the best of all the implementations)

> However, they assume to have a fixed pixel based window width or base
> height, e.g. for naigation bars.

This is a problem in itself. Webpages that won't work with any arbitrary width 
(over 640x480) have issues... And before someone says nobody uses 640x480 
anymore, consider that not everyone has their browsers maximized.

> This doesn'Ät mix well with a page based / Postscript like approach.

Nor with screen-based display.
Developer, Utopios

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