[Kde-graphics-devel] Status update

Mosfet dan.duley at verizon.net
Tue Jan 4 16:28:51 CET 2005

Yep, and I talked with Boudewijn Rempt about it as well. We decided to share 
code and discuss implementation details, but my code is much more lowlevel 
than Krita's. I don't have much time, but here are the basic differences:

My tiles are 64bit RGBA, accessing them is done internally with bitshifts, 
etc... The API for a layer is very similiar to a QImage with 16bit pixel 
components and a few extra things for tiles. Krita on the other hand has a 
much more sophisticated pixel and color representation. Mine is very fast and 
will be easy for people to pick up. Krita's is much more sophisticated, but 
well, slow and not so easy, (no offense intended here - it aims to do a lot 
more than I do).

When Krita resumed development I had to decide what I was going to do with 
MosfetPaint, (and multilayer). I decided the Krita people would probably do a 
better job doing a painting app and tools. I'm a pretty lowlevel type of guy. 
I would probably do a better job doing a fast multilayered raster image 
implementation. So I believe we basically decided to keep doing what we are 
doing but keep in touch. When the multilayer library is finished there will 
be a lot more communication between myself and Krita developers.

MosfetPaint in my documentation isn't even called "MosfetPaint" anymore. It is 
the "MIMS Photo Editor" and will be more for applying filters on multiple 
layers. I may not even stick with 64bpp. I may instead decide to do make 
MImage optionally use tiles, do a layer management class, and write a 
viewport widget to render it. That way I can use all the optimized effects 
and filters and whatever painter class we end up with.

So as you can see I'm going more for "how do I get multiple layers rendered as 
fast as possible?" than "How do I write a Photoshop". This doesn't mean there 
can't be sharing of ideas. Specifically tile management and selections have 
come up. But the goals are quite different.

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 08:39 am, Sven Langkamp wrote:
> Am Montag, 27. Dezember 2004 14:30 schrieb Mosfet:
> > I decided to just try to finish up the first alpha of libmimage instead
> > of doing a bunch of backporting. That way people can test the code I
> > actually use then I can backport to KDE once. Seems to make more sense.
> >
> > For people who are wondering, this is what I want to work on in order of
> > release:
> >
> > 1) libmimage
> > 2) The MIMS photo browser, (the successor to PixiePlus). Chris Howells is
> > currently maintaining the old version of PixiePlus in kdenonbeta and
> > knows about the new one.
> > 3) libmultilayer (64bit tiled, layered image library)
> > 4) MIMS Paint
> Did you take a look on Krita? It adresses at least 3 and 4. It stores the
> image internally in a tile manager and has it's own painter/paintdevice.
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