[Bug 232736] x11-wm/plasma5-kwin 5.14.2 hangs during configure phase

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Sat Nov 17 00:09:18 GMT 2018


--- Comment #8 from Patrick McMunn <doctorwhoguy at gmail.com> ---
I finally got this thing figured out. I ran into this bug again after updating
the Area 51 ports tree in question and running "portmaster -a". This time I
poked around a little and found
../plasma5-kwin/work/.build/gst-plugin-scanner.core. Apparently the configure
script for kwin invokes gst-plugin-scanner from the gstreamer1 package, and it
had crashed for some reason. qmlplugindump's hanging behavior was a result of
gst-plugin-scanner's crash.

As it turns out, there is FreeBSD bug 233100 which describes how gst-plugins-*
ports are not updated by portmaster, as they should be, when gstreamer1 is
updated. Since the plugins were not updated, the old plugin versions were
causing gst-plugin-scanner to crash. So I removed gst-plugins-bad,
gst-plugins-good, and gst-plugins-ugly. After that, plasma5-kwin configured,
compiled, and installed without any further problem.

I don't know why kwin is invoking gst-plugin-scanner (gstreamer isn't a
dependency of kwin, is it?), but gstreamer1 was the cause all along.

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