[Bug 232736] x11-wm/plasma5-kwin 5.14.2 hangs during configure phase

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Sat Nov 10 07:26:30 GMT 2018


--- Comment #7 from Patrick McMunn <doctorwhoguy at gmail.com> ---
I ran "pkg check -Ba" to look for broken libraries and found none. I ran
"portmaster -a" which ran fine until it got to plasma5-kwin. I manually removed
and reinstalled QT5 libraries. Nothing worked. I finally just ran "pkg remove
-fa" and removed all packages, rebooted, and then compiled x11/kde5 from
scratch. Everything -- including plasma5-kwin -- compiled without any problems.
This suggests to me that somewhere there was a broken dependency that was
missed by the tools I used to troubleshoot. But at this point we may never find
out what it was.

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