New development repository location.

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Fri Jun 9 22:10:58 UTC 2017

On Friday 09 June 2017 19:40:42 Schaich Alonso wrote:
> On Wed, 31 May 2017 10:10:21 +0200
> "Tobias C. Berner" <tcberner at> wrote:
> > Hi there
> > The main difference between the old svn repository and the new one is,
> > that
> > like gnome@ and xorg@, we now have a complete portstree. So the kdemerge
> > script previously used is obsolete -- however, this also mean, that we
> > will lag behind ports-master, which we will try to sync with every
> > weekend.
> > 
> Hi and thanks for doing this.
> From my understanding, rather than updating the official PORTS and
> running our kdemerge script, we now merge/rebase the current HEAD of
> the PORTS into the "master" branch of our new repository to
> collection, then merge/rebase our master into the "plasma5" branch?

Almost. We follow the same workflow as the XOrg ports. See .. which in turn points at the 
workflow for XOrg.

Master is always the same as official ports, except it lags by up to a week.
Someone (i.e. tcberner) merges upstream official ports into master, every 
If you're working on a feature (e.g. cmake-3.8.1) you merge master into your 


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