New development repository location.

Schaich Alonso alonsoschaich at
Fri Jun 9 17:40:42 UTC 2017

On Wed, 31 May 2017 10:10:21 +0200
"Tobias C. Berner" <tcberner at> wrote:

> Hi there
> The development repository that the KDE-FreeBSD team uses to work on the KDE
> ports for FreeBSD is moving to github. For a long time we have been using
> 'area51', an SVN repository kindly hosted by PC-BSD and iX Systems. At this
> point in time, we believe that moving to github will make the ports a bit
> more accessible for users and align our ports-development effort better with
> the the way upstream (that is, with official FreeBSD ports) works. We
> would like to express our thanks to PC-BSD for hosting us all this time,
> in particular Josh Paetzel for administering the repository. In the coming
> days we will be updating documentation to reflect the new source of
> KDE-FreeBSD ports.
> The repository can now be found at
> where the plasma5 branch is a ports tree with all the updates from the
> old svn repository.
> The main difference between the old svn repository and the new one is, that
> like gnome@ and xorg@, we now have a complete portstree. So the kdemerge script
> previously used is obsolete -- however, this also mean, that we will lag behind
> ports-master, which we will try to sync with every weekend.
> mfg Adriaan, Raphael, Tobias

Hi and thanks for doing this.

>From my understanding, rather than updating the official PORTS and
running our kdemerge script, we now merge/rebase the current HEAD of
the PORTS into the "master" branch of our new repository to
collection, then merge/rebase our master into the "plasma5" branch?


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