[Bug 219641] devel/py-qt5-core: Fails to package/install, incorrect pk-plist entries

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Thu Jun 1 15:33:36 UTC 2017


--- Comment #10 from Dan MacDonald <allcoms at gmail.com> ---
I've got building pyqt5 to progress further by linking /usr/local/bin/sip-3.4
to /usr/local/bin/sip but I expect that is a bug in that either the sip port
should create such a link or the pyqt5 port should know to look for sip-x.x.

Now building pyqt5 has stopped at py34-qt5-dbussupport which apparently needs
at least python 3.6. 

When configuring pyqt5, I stuck with all the default options for all of its
(sub)ports except for setting the python version to 3.4 so I presume gdinolt
only built a subset of the pyqt5 packages?

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