[SVN Commit] branches/qt-5.7/QT

Tobias Berner tcberner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 20:32:31 UTC 2016

SVN commit 13232 by tcberner:

Cleanup on aisle 'stupid Qt portnames'.

* dbus-qt[45] -> qt[45]-dbus
* clucene-qt[45] -> qt[45]-clucene
* webkit-qt[45] -> qt[45]-webkit
* qmake[45] -> qt[45]-qmake

I for one am annoyed by ports being called "foo-qt5" while there packagename is

Also all these ports are part of Qt4 respectively Qt5. So they should be called
qt[45]-foo, like the rest of the ports in the group.

Note: This change requires a change to MOVED, as apparently some of them were
once named sensibly :D

 M  +4 -4      Mk/bsd.qt.mk  
 D             devel/dbus-qt4 (directory)  
 D             devel/dbus-qt5 (directory)  
 D             devel/qmake4 (directory)  
 D             devel/qmake5 (directory)  
 A             devel/qt4-dbus (directory)  
 A             devel/qt4-qmake (directory)  
 A             devel/qt5-dbus (directory)  
 A             devel/qt5-qmake (directory)  
 D             textproc/clucene-qt4 (directory)  
 A             textproc/qt4-clucene (directory)  
 A             www/qt4-webkit (directory)  
 A             www/qt5-webkit (directory)  
 D             www/webkit-qt4 (directory)  
 D             www/webkit-qt5 (directory)  

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