[kde-freebsd] KDE 4.11.5

Schaich Alonso alonsoschaich at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 15 12:57:18 UTC 2014

On Wed, 15 Jan 2014 13:33:50 +0100
Adriaan de Groot <groot at kde.org> wrote:

> So 4.11.4 is in area51 and is being polished up so it can be committed to 
> ports (I picked that up from other messages on the list recently). I have
> no ports-fu to speak of, but I could grind away on the KDE side of the
> equation by starting to build 4.11.5 or, heck, 4.12.2 which is just out.
> What's a good way to do that? I'd like to stick close to ports + area51 if 
> posslble. Is the following list-of-things-to-do a good start?
>  1 bump the KDE version in KDE/Mk/bsd.Mk.kde
>  2 fetch kdelibs & update distinfo
>  3 try building that with the existing ports Makefile
>  4 futz around till it compiles
>  5 update plist from stage
>  6 go to 2 with a port higher up the stack
> [ade] 
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I have kde-4.11.5 ports here, so far I don't see any new issues but alot of
ports still need plist checking, especially the "minor" translation
 (KDE/misc/*) ones.

I can commit 4.11.5 which I am using as desktop over here into area51 so
others (or bots) can help with reworking the plists.


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