[kde-freebsd] area51 system-config-printer-kde4 failing to build

Max Brazhnikov makc at freebsd.org
Thu Mar 14 16:23:05 UTC 2013

On Sat, 09 Mar 2013 20:54:22 -0500 Andre Goree wrote:
> Hello all.  I can't seem to get the new area51 system-config-printer-kde4  
> port to build, which in turn fails kdeadmin4 and thus the kde4 port  
> itself.  It appears that the two patches included in this port  
> (patch-system-config-printer-kde__cmake-modules__FindSystemConfigPrinter.py  
> and patch-system-config-printer-kde__system-config-printer-kde.py) are  
> failing to find the files they need to patch.  If I run a 'find . -type f  
> -iname \*.py', in the port directory, nothing is found, which seems like  
> the root problem.
> It's hard for me currently to post the exact output of 'make install  
> clean', but I can try if anyone would like me to (I have only command-line  
> on the machine now since KDE is being upgraded -- I removed all kde  
> packages before I started the upgrade).
> In the mean time, I'm going to see if I can get by it by not enabled  
> kdeadmin in the kde4 config, however I wonder if something is amiss with  
> that port.  By the way, is this the correct way to test and report bugs  
> for area51?  I don't know of any way to report bugs otherwise...I'm not  
> aware of anything like bugzilla setup for area51 -- if anyone could point  
> me in the right direction for that it'd be great :)
> Thanks in advance!

Hi Andre,

area51 a development repo, it's not an alternative to official portstree and 
shouldn't be used by regular users. Once ports are in good shape we'll make an 
announcement for testing, and then we'll be happy to see the bug reports.

However if you want to help with porting, join us on #kde-freebsd channel at 
freenode and send patches :)


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