[kde-freebsd] area51 system-config-printer-kde4 failing to build

Andre Goree andre at drenet.info
Sun Mar 10 01:54:22 UTC 2013

Hello all.  I can't seem to get the new area51 system-config-printer-kde4  
port to build, which in turn fails kdeadmin4 and thus the kde4 port  
itself.  It appears that the two patches included in this port  
and patch-system-config-printer-kde__system-config-printer-kde.py) are  
failing to find the files they need to patch.  If I run a 'find . -type f  
-iname \*.py', in the port directory, nothing is found, which seems like  
the root problem.

It's hard for me currently to post the exact output of 'make install  
clean', but I can try if anyone would like me to (I have only command-line  
on the machine now since KDE is being upgraded -- I removed all kde  
packages before I started the upgrade).

In the mean time, I'm going to see if I can get by it by not enabled  
kdeadmin in the kde4 config, however I wonder if something is amiss with  
that port.  By the way, is this the correct way to test and report bugs  
for area51?  I don't know of any way to report bugs otherwise...I'm not  
aware of anything like bugzilla setup for area51 -- if anyone could point  
me in the right direction for that it'd be great :)

Thanks in advance!

Andre Goree
andre at drenet.info

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