[kde-freebsd] MySQL55 (Akonadi) bites other ports

tom at diogunix.com tom at diogunix.com
Sun Jan 29 17:02:15 UTC 2012

On Sunday 29 January 2012 15:45:15 Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:
> "tom at diogunix.com" <tom at diogunix.com> writes:
> > May I assume Akonadi will work with MySQL 5.1 as well as with MySQL 5.5
> > ? Then I'll try that to get my Desktop fully functional again :-)
> I think so. Akonadi itself just uses the MySQL database driver from Qt,
> and I really doubt Qt requires such a recent version of MySQL.

meanwhile did it. I've now built KDE 4.7.4 with MySQL 5.1 and at least I can 
say KDE and Kmail starts without complaining while also the Workbench seems 
to run nicely :-)

Real testing of course would take more time.

> > Though, there's the question left on how new installations of KDE could
> > be made easier as probably most people would run into the same issue.
> > That's why I found it better if people get asked on which MySQL
> > version they want ...
> Hmm, wouldn't the same thought apply to other ports that depend on MySQL
> and just use the default version in the ports system?

Well, getting MySQL 5.5 could be wrong for some cases and getting MySQL 5.1 
could be wrong for other cases. Just with asking what version was wanted 
nothing can be wrong. Asking can only help but never harm.

Btw, it's a shame that there are that much issues with all the MySQL stuff - 
software as well as strategies and assumingly hidden agendas. I just still 
use it because I have projects using it. Something more neutral (i.e. 
MariaDB or PostgreSQL) certainly was better on the long run.


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