[kde-freebsd] KDE4 upgrade Could NOT find LIBKONQ

Alberto Villa avilla at freebsd.org
Wed Oct 26 18:12:44 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 26 October 2011 19:19:58 Troy wrote:
> That was the problem.  I originally was going to /usr/ports/x11/kde4 
> doing a simple 'make install clean' and you would think the meta port
> would build the x11/kde-baseapps before it went to try and build
> gwenview so that the error below doesn't come up as it has the
> dependency.  Do we need to reverse the build order of the meta port 
> this doesn't happen?

It's not "fault" of the meta-port. `make install` just won't do the right 
thing when upgrading (actually, it's not a supported update method). 
Just use portmaster. It will probably solve also your problem with 
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