[kde-freebsd] qt4 ignores custom compiler from /etc/make.conf

Alberto Villa avilla at freebsd.org
Mon Oct 24 23:11:01 UTC 2011

On Monday 24 October 2011 22:40:53 Olivier Smedts wrote:
> Are you sure ? I compiled all my qt4 ports with clang except
> qt4-webkit because it was failing. So I set up an exception for it in
> make.conf, and then it compiled fine (with base gcc).

Ok, I wasn't lucid at all. I wrote that logic not to force Qt to build with 
only one compiler (there's no single bit oriented onto this), but to make 
Qt use the correct mkspec for the compiler in use (e.g., Qt configure 
tests doesn't/didn't support a compiler named c++). If there's no 
QMAKESPEC for the chosen compiler, the one for the compiler in base 
(either GCC or Clang) is chosen. Thus, CC and CXX are never passed to 
Qt configure system, they're just handled by bsd.qt.mk, which will then 
choose its compiler.

To check this, compare the output of

$ make -V CONFIGURE_ARGS -C /usr/ports/devel/qt4-corelib

$ make -V CONFIGURE_ARGS -C /usr/ports/devel/qt4-corelib 

$ make -V CONFIGURE_ARGS -C /usr/ports/devel/qt4-corelib 

What to do about this? Give me a couple of days to think about it...
Alberto Villa, FreeBSD committer <avilla at FreeBSD.org>

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